GODCAST'S TENTH EPISODE: Mat & Alli at the movies!!!

GODCAST'S TENTH EPISODE: Mat & Alli at the movies!!!
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In which your host and guest Allison discuss going INTO DARKNESS with the MAN OF STEEL and their friend DREDD to give THE WOLVERINE a PACIFIC RIM job!!! (spoilers ahead)

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GODCAST'S NINTH EPISODE: SuperSecretProjectOuhhhh!!!

GODCAST'S NINTH EPISODE: SuperSecretProjectOuhhhh!!!
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In which your host and guest Dimitri Gervais discuss going in the studio last wednesday to re-record an old song. We give you an inside view on what happened. We also brief you on new merch and this weeks tour dates.

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GODCAST'S EIGHT EPISODE : Eating Cum or Killing the Governor

GODCAST'S EIGHT EPISODE : Eating Cum or Killing the Governor
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In which your host and guest Christian Carriere take a look back at the walking dead seasons, the office finale, a couple of movies with Paul Rudd,the new Children of Bodom, Trivium and Megadeth records and other things; this week on GodCast.

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GODCAST'S SEVENTH EPISODE : Unnamed 7th episode (but JJ Abrams is in control so that's just cool)

GODCAST'S SEVENTH EPISODE : Unnamed 7th episode (but JJ Abrams is in control so that's just cool)
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In which your host, Mat St-Amour is interviewed by the dynamic duo of Dimitri Gervais and Christian Carriere in an Aural threesome discussion about music and discovering a hidden passion, learning to play and create music, forming a band with friends, the evolution of the project into "Chariots of the Gods", doing the first shows and going into the studio for the first time, getting better and going on the road, hitting the studio with Glen Robinson for a first full length record, supporting the record, love and other mysteries of life unveiled in the last episode of "Project Genesis".

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GODCAST'S SIXTH EPISODE : Return of the Dimdozer

GODCAST'S SIXTH EPISODE : Return of the Dimdozer
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In which your host and guest Dimitri Gervais, Chariots of the Gods guitar play, discuss Dim's childhood, his first steps into music, moving away from home and flying free, finding new friends, forming new bands, supporting chariots of the gods from the sideline, filling in on bass duties, stepping as a full fledge guitar player, recording a first full length record, life on the road and being a bear (not really, but it's funny anyways). All that and more on this weeks GodCast!

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GODCAST'S FIFTH EPISODE : The Empire Strike Black

GODCAST'S FIFTH EPISODE : The Empire Strike Black
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In which your host and guest Payam Doryani, bassist for Chariots of the Gods, discuss his ethnic origins, picking up a guitar, changing to bass, how he nearly stopped playing, forming Hostility, joining Chariots of the Gods, parting ways with his former band and the horrible accident that ended it, going in the studio for the first time, the new record, finding love and the ganja connection.

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In which your host and guest Renaud Jobin, singer for Chariots of the Gods, discuss growing up in a bass drum, the errors of youth, getting behind the drum kit, forming bands and joining new ones, becoming a singer, going in the studio for the first time, developing a vocal style, doing pre-production for "Tides of War", is Glen Robinson a "real" person?, the recording process, how after 13 orgasms it ain't fun anymore, the stability of love and many more wonderful things!

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GODCAST'S THIRD EPISODE : Revenge of the Drummer

GODCAST'S THIRD EPISODE : Revenge of the Drummer
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In which your host and guest Richard O'Neil, Chariots of the Gods drummer, discuss Rich's early life and musical influences, starting with guitar, switching to drums, high school days, joining friends to form a band, the first time in the studio, many live gigs, the second time in the studio, other gigs, many girlfriends, anal sex, finding love and stability and we also talk about his health scare and his journey on the path to recovery.

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GODCAST'S SECOND EPISODE : Attack of the Chris

GODCAST'S SECOND EPISODE : Attack of the Chris
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In which your host and guest Christian Carriere, ex-Chariots of the Gods guitar player, discuss chris's musical beginnings, finding Metallica, smoking weed and laughing at cock jokes, forming Chariots of the Gods, playing shows, having to leave the band, the realities of life but also finding love, making it last and having a good time with friends.

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In this Godcast issue, your host Mat St-Amour and guest Christian Methot, ex-Chariots of the Gods bass player, discuss a wide range of topics like Chris's musical origins, growing has a musician, learning how to play with others, forming a band, leaving a band, joining another band, recording music, leaving again to go pursue a higher education, life after music, sex & love life and the myths and legends that surround him. (Mat : please pardon my lack of luster, I'd just came back from a gig and was very tired!)

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The Vault

Another one from the vault!

From the Vault


The official "Chariots of the Gods" podcast is coming soon, where we're going to talk about what's going on with the band, music, TV, movies, sex, pop culture & rock n roll! It will be available for you to stream on YouTube and as a free mp3 download. Follow us on Facebook or here on our official website for updates on the matter.

Godcast - Coming soon

The Vault

Here's one from the Vault. CoG album promo shot.

From the Vault

We need you... again!

How cool would that be, Chariots of the Gods opening for "Helloween" at the Imperial in Quebec City? Vote for us, and help us make it happen!!! All it takes is one little click!

Vote here!

We need YOU !

Hey people, here's a survey from "Trois-Rivières Metalfest 2013'' where you can go vote for the bands you'd like to see this year! It's quick, easy and anonymous. Chariots of the Gods is on the list, we need your vote! Help us be a part of this event.

Vote here!

Tour poster updates!

Tour Poster Update

Major announcement!

We're proud to announce that we're now under the wings of Jeremy Williams down at 11th Degree Management!


Help our boys from Insurrection!

Rich and Dim are featured in Insurrection's vid for their next album's fundraiser. Give 'em LOOOOOTS of money!!

Help now!

Pictures from Gatineau's show

Check out these pictures from our 8 march show! Congrats to Marc Fortin (Fortin Foto) for such great shots!

Check it out

CKCU's "ON THE ROAD!" video

A bit late, but here's another one from the road!

Ondes Chocs' review of our Sherbrooke show

FRENCH ONLY : Un très bon article de Marryah Noch Mulligore d'Ondes Chocs à propos de notre show de samedi dernier à Sherbrooke!

Read the review

Comeback on Sherbrooke's show

Following Toronto and Hamilton misadventures, we thought "FUCK IT, the show must go on!", and we rented a big ass van for saturday's show in Sherbrooke. The drive was quite pleasant, and the place had one of the best stage that we've ever played on! Thanks to everyone who showed up... and be sure to check our "ON THE ROAD!" video below!

View the shows pictures here

Updated "TIDES OF WAR Tour" photo album on Facebook

View the shows pictures here

Here we are, on the road again..!

Hitting the road again tomorrow. Destination : Sherbooke. Check out our "SHOWS" section, as usual, and see you at the show!

Comeback on Hamilton's show

In Toronto as of now! Even though we had a fair amount of fun in Hamilton, yesterday was the worst day EVER. Lets just say that we had a few mechanical problems. Fuckin' trailer!!

Life on the road

Life on the road. Brotherly love male bonding. PS ; Payam's under the sheets.

Life on the road

Shows this weekend!

This weekend, its Hamilton on Friday and Toronto on Saturday. Be sure to check out our "SHOWS" section, and see y'all on the road!!

Comeback on Gatineau's show

A bit late, but last friday's show at Le Petit Chicago in our hometown of Hull (Gatineau) was nothing more than GREAT. Thanks to Heresy and Blinded by Faith as well as to Vile Productions for the whole thing. Pictures of the show are to come, but in the meantime, check out these cool vids!

Last minute deal!

Last minute deal : We'll be playing live tonite for Ottawa Live Music on CKCU 93,1. Tune in at 10 PM!

Tune in here!


New t-shirts!! We'll have PLENTY of them at tomorrow's show at Le Petit Chicago (check out the show's infos in our "SHOWS" section)!

New t-shirts!!

T-shirts anyone?

We have two new t-shirts coming in! They'll be ready for friday's show. In the meantime, we want you guys to send us a picture of you wearing your Chariots t-shirt, either on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/chariotsofthegods) or at contact@chariotsofthegods.net . Com'on, dont be shy!!

Live in Gatineau @ Le Petit Chicago, March 8

Just in case you forgot, we're playing a sweet little hometown gig this friday (March 8) at 8PM at Le Petit Chicago in Hull (Gatineau) with our boys from Heresy and Blinded by Faith. We have tickets for sale at 10$ (12$ at the door). You dont want to miss that!! Check out all the info in our "SHOWS" section!

Live in Gatineau @ Le Petit Chicago, March 8

Time's up for "How about gettin' some free shit?"

Time's up! The 3 winners of our "share our video, get a t-shirt and a CD" thing of last week are:
Kyle Dubé
Phillipe Kse Leblond
Jay Peter

Give us your postal adress in a private message, and we'll set up a shipment or a delivery. Thanks a lot for sharing!!

Comeback on "How about gettin' some free shit?"

One more day to spread the loooove (uh, that could sound weird...), com'on guys!!


OverDoseTV interview

A little video interview that we did with our homeboys of OverDoseTV. We forgot to turn the damn heater off, so the sound quality aint the best, but anyways, enjoy!

How about gettin' some free shit?

Here's the deal: the 3 persons to share our video the most within the upcoming 7 days on Facebook will get a FREE t-shirt+CD bundle! Don't worry, we'll keep track of it. TIME TO SPREAD!!


A pretty cool gift!

How cool is that?! Our own custom made Chariots skull mugs! Thanks to Lex Ivian

A pretty cool gift!

Drummond Metalfest 5's live video

A pretty video cool of us playing "Seventh Weapon" at Drummond Metalfest 5 two weekends ago. Thanks to Mat Paré for the footage!

Comeback on Montreal's show

Despite a few technical problems on the stage AND on the road ( stupid trailer tires... ), last saturday's show at L'Hémisphère Gauche was AWESOME! Big thanks to all of those who came, as well as to the other bands on the bill and of course, to Lex Ivian of Kranium Prods for setting this whole thing up!

View show's picture gallery 1
View show's picture gallery 2

Get physical copies of "TIDES OF WAR"

For those of you who want a physical copy of our album "Tides of War" without having to order it online, you can now get it at a few stores! See the list below;

Disques Métal Profusion Metal Records
2281 Ontario Est, Montréal

Freeson Rock
1477 ave du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal

3 rue Dalpé, Gatineau

Vertigo Records
193 Rideau Street, Ottawa

Disques et Rubans
104 rue Marchand, Drummondville

Musique Cité Disquaire Indépendant
169, rue King Ouest, Sherbrooke

Audition Musik
94 ave Rouleau, Rimouski

Promenades du Cuivre, Rouyn-Noranda

Musique Cité
587 3e ave, Val-d'Or

Next stop!

Next stop on the "Tides of War Tour" is Montreal, this Saturday, on Feb 16! Also, you can catch us live on the air at CJLO around 1PM the very same day!! We'll be playing a couple of songs there as well.


Drummond Metalfest 5's pictures

Pictures from yesterday's show at Drummondville's Metalfest 5. Lots of fun, and a big thanks to Alain Labonte from Québec-Metal! We're proud to support his work.

View show's picture gallery

Back on the road!

Tomorrow is the first gig of the second leg of our "Tides of War Tour"! First stop: Drummondville. Cant wait!! Check our "SHOWS" section for details!

These reviews...

Every now and then, you get some not-so-great reviews, that's part of the game!


Tour poster updates!

Part 2 of the "Tides of War Tour"!! We will hit the road this friday for a couple of gigs. Check out the poster and all the infos in our "SHOWS" section!

Tour poster updates!

Mat and Dim's interview on CJLO 1690 AM, Montreal

Tune in at 4PM today to get our interview with Andrew from Grade A Explosives on CJLO!



Finally, the wait is over! The official "TIDES OF WAR" video is out! Check it, share it, and buy the album! Enjoy!!!



"TIDES OF WAR" is finally getting its full release! It's with great satisfaction that we present our first full length album to the world. "TIDES OF WAR" is now unleashed and you should be warned, this beast is without mercy! You can buy the album on quite a few websites such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Muve Music, VerveLife, MySpace Music, MediaNet, Xbox Music, Rdio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play, Simfy, Nokia and Deezer! In addition, the album is soon gonna be physically available in a couple of stores around the country (follow us for updates on the matter), and of course, is also still available on our Bandcamp page. For more infos, you can send us an email at contact@chariotsofthegods.net

Stay tuned, 'cause there will be other new stuff no later than tomorrow!

Tides of War - OUT NOW

Vote or die, motherf*cker, vote or die!

Alright guys, we need you ; go vote for us as "band of the week" on WeLoveMetal.com (on the left, right on top of "Blog Roll") Lets win this thing!


Some MORE new gigs for 2013!

Chariots will be home for another one, this time with Blinded by Faith and our bros from Heresy! We want to see all of you crazy mofos at Le Petit Chicago in Gatineau (Hull), on March 8. As usual, get all the infos in our "SHOWS" section. Tickets are 10$ pre-sale, so drop us a message at contact@chariotsofthegods.net to know how to get 'em!!

Chariots at the Petit Chicago


Wanna get a FREE copy of our new album "TIDES OF WAR"? Click on the link, answer the question and you might win one!


Some new gigs for 2013!

Chariots is back on the road! First gig of our TIDES OF WAR TOUR Part 2 is Drummondville's Metalfest 5 on Saturday Feb 9 at Salle Gaston-Mandeville. Check out our "SHOWS" section for more infos!

Chariots at the Drummond Metalfest 5

Promo Teaser

Promotional teaser for the "TIDES OF WAR" release on Jan. 29, 2013. Learn how to get your FREE download on Viinyl and to pre-order the album on Bandcamp!


Check that stuff out!

You know that you're on the good path to success when someone takes one of your songs to make an air guitar contest video with it. Check it out, its pretty damn cool and funny!


The OFFICIAL TEASER of our longly awaited ''Tides of War'' video, set to be released quite soon!! Worldwide album release on January 29.

Merry X-Mas to all!

In this festive season, we would like to take the time to thank you for your following, your dedication and your contributions, all of which are greatly appreciated. We wish you peace, prosperity, happiness and a merry fucking Christmas!

View our Christmas photo gallery. Merry fucking Christmas!

"Tides of War" FREE DOWNLOAD, again!

Viinyl Download our song "Tides of War" for FREE! Go get it, you want it!


"Tides of War" VIDEO TEASER

Just to tease you real bad, here's a bit of footage from our video !

"Tides of War" VIDEO SHOOT

Guess what we've been up to these past few days? Yup, a video shoot! Our good friend Toma Feizo Gas directed the whole thing and did a damn fine job at getting the best out of us. We simply CAN'T WAIT to show you what it looks like! Stay tuned to find out more about the project's release date.

Second leg of touring = done!

Trois-Rivières (Rock Café Le Stage) and Drummondville (Grindhouse) gigs are DONE! Thanks to all who came to saw us and Insurrection at these shows. It was great, thanks for all the support! Next stop is Ottawa down at the Rainbow Bistro on Nov. 1st. We got tickets to sell, so contact us at contact@chariotsofthegods.net and check out the infos in the "SHOWS" section. See you there!

Tides of War Tour - More dates !

As you can see on the poster below, 2 new dates have been confirmed on our "Tides of War Tour" ; Nov. 1st at the Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa, and Nov. 17 at Bar Le Magog in Sherbrooke. As always, you can get all the details in our "SHOWS" section. See y'all on the road, again!


Get songs "Tides of War" and "Unbound" for free download in our "MEDIA" section. Spread 'em around !

First leg of touring = complete!

We're back from the first leg of our ''Tides of War Tour''! This weekend was St-Hyacinthe at Bar Le Trash on Friday, followed by Québec City down at Bar Le Scanner on Saturday. Great partying and sightseeing in Ye Olde part of Quebec City with the guys from Insurrection, and of course, awesome shows. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and see y'all at Trois-Rivières and Drummondville in two weeks!!

Welcome to the official Chariots of the Gods website!

It's a great honour for us to welcome you on our newly pimped out official website! In here, you'll find everything there is to know about Chariots ; pictures, videos, news, lyrics, merch and all sorts of crazy shit. A few things are still to come and to adjust, but we couldn't keep it for ourselves any longer. Enjoy!

Renaud, Mat, Dim, Payam & Rich

Tides of War October Tour

We'll be taking the road this Friday (Oct. 5th) with our bros from Insurrection for a couple show dates all around the great province of Quebec. Check out all the details for each event in our "SHOWS" section. See y'all in a town near you!

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